Invited lectures, selected seminar contributions and posters will cover advances in the study of nuclear phenomena: from low lying shell model states to collective excitations at extreme spins and temperatures, from light to superheavy nuclei, from exotic proton drip-line nuclei to very neutron rich nuclear systems and neutron-stars.   Latest ideas and advances in nuclear theory will be presented as well as new experimental results.  New methods and apparatus developed and used at stable and radioactive ion beam facilities will be reviewed. We will discuss the impact of nuclear physics on other areas, such as astrophysics, healthcare, energy production or security.

The scientific program of the Conference will  consist in part of a series of one-day topical workshops focused on experimental and theoretical aspects of:

  • the structure of exotic nuclei situated  at the borders of the nuclear chart,
  • the collective phenomena in nuclei over a wide range of of temperatures and spins,
  • the nuclear physics processes  in supernovae explosions and  in neutron-star mergers.

They will be convened by world class experts in these fields.

Most of the  Conference  time will be devoted to  reports on the latest achievements in the nuclear research. These contributions  will be chosen with a help of   the  International Advisory Committee bringing together outstanding scientists, representing the world wide nuclear physics community.

Each session will include a few invited talks (duration of 20 to 30 minutes) and selected contributed seminars (duration of 15 minutes).

Conveners of the topical workshops:

Alexandra Gade (MSU, East Lansing) –    Structure of Exotic Nuclei,

Adam Maj (IFJ PAN, Kraków) – Nuclear Collectivity,

Jorge Piekarewicz (Florida State University, Tallahassee) –  Nuclear Astrophysics

 International Advisory Committee:

Gianluca Colo (University of Milan)

Mikhail Itkis (JINR, Dubna)

Marek Lewitowicz (GANIL, Caen)

Witold Nazarewicz (MSU, East Lansing)

Patrick Regan (University of Surrey, Guildford)

Peter Reiter (University of Cologne)

Krzysztof Rusek (HIL University of Warsaw)

Hiroyoshi Sakurai (RIKEN, Saitama)

Updated: 17th February 2020